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Welcome to the University of Huddersfield's online payment pages. This secure system allows students to pay tuition fee invoices and make payments on account directly over the web.

If you are a student, please use your network log in details. If you are a Sponsor or Parent and have not yet registered, click the Register As A Sponsor/Parent option above.

All students are expected to log into their University financial account, via the student portal, on a regular basis to view the charges assigned. All communications, including reminders, will be sent to your hud.ac.uk email address. No paper invoices or reminders will be sent out. Help, advice and guidance is available from the Student Centre Support desk.

The following cards are accepted by the University of Huddersfield.

Your Student ID can be found on your offer letter or on your campus ID card. [ONLY THE FIRST 8 CHARACTERS ARE REQUIRED, FOR EXAMPLE U0155491]

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For queries relating to levels of charge, funding or payment options call 01484 472210 or email sfo@hud.ac.uk
If you have any login or registration problems please contact Web Payments Support on 01484 473833


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